About the artist

Founder of the Clean Solid Tattoo studio, based in Waalwijk in The Netherlands, Robert’s inspiration for bright and bold creations came alive through his love for the skateboard and punkrock scene during his teenage years. With over 25 years of experience in the tattoo industry, tattooing is etched into the very skin of Robert's life.

Following his love for these cultures, he spent the next two decades honing his tattoo artistry, and now boasts titles such as ‘designer’ and ‘visual artist’, staying true to his signature aesthetic.

In 2012 Robert teamed up wit Kintaro-publishing, and he made his
worldwide selling 'Tattoo Flash Book'. clean solid tattoo flash.

In 2020 Robert had the opportunity to create a collection with Pols Potten, a succesful collaboration resulted in a unique tattoo crockery. 

As a celebrated tattoo artist Robert also appeared  as a jury member on the Dutch TV shows:
2019 - Inkmaster
2020 - Tattoo Disasters (2x)

Upcoming exhibitions:

May 2022 - Object Rotterdam, a collaboration with Atelier Ruben van Megen
June 2022 - Milaan Design Week - Certosainitiative, 
a collaboration with Atelier Ruben van Megen

Permanent Collection/Partners:

Art Company, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
MOYA, Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Past exhibitions:

November 2021 - NockNock Art Fair, Amsterdam

June 2021 - Rolling Art Shows, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2016 - Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands